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The mental parts

By 2017-03-10Uncategorized

So yeah, I spoke a little bit in the previous post about the mental parts of me busting my knee. And as I wrote then it’s both ups and downs.

As for downs, the biggest punches in the stomach is everyone else skiing. Especially now that my family is in Serre Chevalier, they seem to have so good skiing, and I know I was supposed to be there with them. That hurts. It’s a double edged sword though, at the same time seeing other people skiing and climbing really is an annoyance, it keeps me motivated and gets me back to the physio time and time again.

Another tough thing is the fact that I can’t really use my leg fully. I certainly can walk around and stuff like that, naturally, but I’m not allowed to do much more exercise wise than what I do with the physio at the moment. That means I cannot run, I cannot climb and I cannot do squats. I’m allowed to bike to some extension, but not too far and not very hard. It freaks me out being so limited.

So what about the ups? Well, I try to remind myself that I’m quite lucky injury-wise so far anyway. It’s ONLY the ACL that’s damaged, my menisci, collateral ligaments as well as the PCL are all unharmed. It’s also the first ever more severe injury I’ve had on skis ever, before I’ve always been fine with a rest day or so to let bruising die down somewhat. All in all I’ve been lucky when it comes to injuries. I have friends that have cracked patellas, smashed faces and ripped all kinds of ligaments from all kinds of joints. Skiing and climbing as much as I do I can’t complain about snapping an ACL once.

My physio is also going quite well. I make progress, and my program grows longer and heavier in a quite high pace. It’s not getting longer as fast as in the beginning, but that’s natural now that my physio is starting to figure out what my level is. The only annoyance I have right now is that one of the exercises is not working as well as I’d like. It’s an exercise that’s for training the backside of my thigh, and when going to near full extension during that exercise my knee cracks, snaps and sounds really funky, so I’m not allowed to do full extension during load any more. It’ll probably get better during the following weeks, but it’s still an annoyance.

An ACL injury also is possible to fully recover from with surgery. The only difference really being that if a reconstructed ACL snaps again, there’s no backup or second chance any more, but with hard work and a lot of physio, there’s no telling a difference (performance wise) between a leg that’s had and ACL reconstruction and a leg that hasn’t had any damage to the ACL. A fellow skier* that rang me to give some encouragement even thought that he’d become a better and stronger skier after having ACL reconstruction, since the physio exercises he’s now doing keeps  many of the small stabilizing muscles in the knee in top trim, which makes it easier to keep good form and technique!

Another thing that keeps my spirits up is that I get a lot of time to spend with my family and some friends, and just generally think about life without so much every day chores interfering all the time. It’s quite nice compared to the relatively hectic life I lived for a long time prior to this. I also get time to work on my landscape photography skills, now I just need the motivation to take the images through post processing!

Oh, I also rang the orthopedic clinic at the hospital today. I now have a phone meeting with my surgeon in two weeks, my plan is to see if I can get the operation scheduled during that call.


*If you read this, again many thanks for that call, it really helped. You know who you are. 🙂


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