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They tried to make me go to rehab

By 2017-02-10Uncategorized

And I said fuck this shit.

So, this blog was supposed to be about the life on the road and skiing. Now it’s probably becoming a blog about doing rehab.

I’ve managed to damage my knee a couple of days ago. Having read the doctors statement carefully now she seems to think it’s a ruptured ACL, though from what I understood it’s not impossible it’s just stretched. An MRI will have to give the full answer. So I have driven the car back home to Sweden (2000-and-then-some kilometers) and I’m awaiting and MRI that I’ll probably get this weekend. Have and orthosis for the knee which made working the clutch quite a hassle, luckily most of the way is highway, so not much gear shifting is needed.

Anyway, MRI during the weekend, then probably seeing an¬†orthopaedist early next week that’ll decide whether I need surgery or not. Then it’s off to a physiotherapist to try and make the best out of the situation and try to get well again as soon as possible. I’m living off the hope that I’ll be able to make it to spring skiing, which means I’ll have to be back from rehab after roughly 2-or-so months. If I’m honest an realistic about the situation chances of that happening are fairly slim. The really shitty thing is that I can’t climb either having a torn ACL, so I’m pretty much confined to doing upper body exercises at the gym while doing rehab.

Anyway, I’m trying not to despair completely, I haven’t gotten the word from the¬†orthopaedist yet, so I shouldn’t take out anything in advance. Plan is (roughly) that if he thinks there’s even a slim chance I can make it back to skiing (if so only easy skiing) withing a 2-or-so month period, I’ll rehab the crap out of everything and hope for spring season. If he thinks there’s no way it’ll happen I’ll probably still rehab the crap out of everything and get back to my boss, see if I can go back to work a bit early. No point in sitting at home doing nothing constructive what so ever. If the last parts the case I’m trying to convince myself I’ll at least be able to focus on upper body and core strength as well as doing hangboard exercises, making the upcoming climbing season a fair bit easier. Yes, it’s somewhat of a long shot, but I’m just trying to keep my nostrils above the water line.

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