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Time passes

By 2017-01-31Uncategorized

The last day on Champoluc was one of the more fun ski days I have had in quite a while.  We were showed an area where the snow was actually deep enough to cover rocks and tree stumps, naturally I jumped as many of the pillows as I could on the two laps we did. Was a blast to find my way back to the pure joy of playful skiing, if only for one day.

Here in Chamonix things are even more dire with the snow. There’s less of it, and more people that want to share it, but I’ve at least got really good company here! The days I’ve been here so far have been good. Shorter days with not too much skiing outside of the piste, but still good days. Shorter days also means I’ve gotten a chance to get a new ski boot liner, something I’ve been meaning to do for some time. And today we actually had some snow! Or rather, it was (mostly) snow on the mountain, in the village it came down as rain. This kind of compact snow is probably good for the area right now though, it’ll form a solid base. One can only hope it’ll bind nicely to the very hard snow layer that’s at the bottom of it. Both me and Sebastian managed to set of smaller (size 1) slabs on steeper slopes without trying too much, so we’ll have to be careful the next couple of days.

On the bright side, my home sickness have settled down quite a bit, despite of the lack of good snow to ski. I’m starting to think I should’ve probably go to Japan instead of the alps, but I guess no one can foresee that a season is going to be quite this bad. And I also want to enjoy another type of skiing this year, only bummer is that there’s too little snow to actually ski the things I want to ski. Let’s just hope it gets somewhat sorted before spring!

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