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Spring feeling

By 2017-01-27Uncategorized

It feels like spring skiing at the moment. Almost every aspect of spring skiing is present. We’ve had a high pressure since the first day I got to Champoluc, so 8 days with strong sun and about a handful of visable clouds during that whole time. There is still need for plenty of snow, but at least the high pressure’s made touring super enjoyable, so we’ve skied nice snow pretty mucy every day anyway.

But aspects of spring skiing was what I was talking about! We’ve got the high pressure with accompanying warm days (we’ve been hiking without shells and almost without base layer as well), but we’ve also got thin snow lower down in the valleys, singing birds, the smell of farms, etc. I’ve even got a tad of the mental feeling I usually get in late season, a feeling of just waiting for the next part of life to begin. In this case it’s not so much life as it’s the next part of the trip perhaps, but the feeling’s similar for sure. It’s a feeling of melancholy, but at the same time it’s quite meditative and calm. Bittersweet would be a good way to describe it.

Anyway, a lot of touring has been done for sure, with good turns and great company as a nice reward. Tomorrow I’m leaving Champoluc for Chamonix, it’ll be nice with a change of environment, even though the snow is supposed to be equally sparse there. At least I’ll  get to meet up with some friends!

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