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Know thy self

By 2017-01-22Uncategorized

When I set off on this trip I expected it to be a learning experience. So far it has been, though not in the way I thought.

I thought I would thrive with the freedom that comes from living in a camper, having the possibility to go wherever I felt would be appropriate, meeting new people and skiing as many days as possible. Turns out what I have learned so far have had more to do with getting to know myself rather than the practical aspects of living a camper van life.

When I’ve been out on longer trips before I haven’t missed the feeling of having a fixed point in my life, I’ve been fine with temporary accommodations and friends that come and go. This time it’s a lot harder. I don’t exactly know why this is. Maybe I’m getting older and have gotten other priorities. Maybe I hit a threshold, before I’ve stayed at “proper” accommodations, the camper van type of travelling is a bit more loose and unplanned. Maybe it’s just the fact that previously I haven’t had much of a home anyway, so it hasn’t mattered much. Probably it’s a little bit of all those things in combination.

Anyway, the reason I feel the way I do is not very relevant at the moment. What matters is the fact that I feel the way I do. In light of this I have changed my plans around somewhat. The original idea was that I’d meet my family week 10, but I have decided to fly home for a week a little prior to that. Just having it decided (and by now, flight tickets booked) feels a lot better and my mind is more balanced. Very strange, but very needed.

So, I still have another week in Italy, after which I’ll pop over to Chamonix and ski there for a week. Then, as it happens, my acquaintance who seemed very interested in living out of the camper has come through, and we’ll spend two weeks of proper camper van life! Looking forward very much to that! After those two weeks I’ll be turning towards Geneva and a week at home with family. I’ll have to see though, by then I might have gotten so used to the van hobo life style I find turning home to be the wrong idea, but I honestly don’t think so.

Today we might go have a look up a beautiful Italian couloir, so far though I’m the only one here that has woken.

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