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Back on track

By 2017-01-17January 19th, 2017Uncategorized

So, as the headline states, I’m back on track. At least I think I am, not sure. I’m back in the alps anyway, this time in Italy, staying at an acquaintance for a week and hopefully doing a lot of touring. Since I left there’s been quite a bit of snow, which is nice (and desperately needed), so now it’ll hopefully be more than piste skiing available.

Anyway, in many ways it’s nice to be back. Even though I’m not too bummed about missing out on the big dump, it started to get somewhat frustrating towards the end not being out skiing now that it’s possible. I will miss the feeling of home though, but at the moment I cannot have both at the same time, so I’ll just have to survive the way it is! Next time I meet up with family is week 10, so not too long!

Plan as of now is to spend this coming week-and-some touring Italy. After that I have a friend coming over to Chamonix for two weeks, and since he’s well acquainted with both the town and the mountain I’ll probably spend a week or so with him. After that I’ll have to see! I might have gotten in contact with a person that seems genuinely interested in actually living in the van full time for a week or two, driving around to different smaller resorts and maybe even places without resorts what so ever. I sure hope this person decides to come over, I think it could be a real blast!

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