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Snowing, though not where I’m at

By 2017-01-15January 16th, 2017Uncategorized

So my social media feeds get completely bombed with photos of pow at the moment. Be it Canada, Japan och the alps, it seems to be snowing everywhere. Even Åre is getting snow! And at the moment I’m in Sweden, far from any resort, or even decent hill. Should suck, right? I’m not to sure about that though, for two main reasons.

The first one is, surprisingly, that skiing isn’t everything life’s about for me. It’s a big part of life, I’ll grant you that, but not everything. Since the snow conditions in the alps (the parts of the alps where I know people to ski with anyway) were kind of super shit the last week, and I have been postponing a lot of family time when I built Sir Gallivant*, I decided to go back home and spend som time with family as I let the alps take its time and sort the snow situation. And honestly, I couldn’t be happier that it has actually started nuking, by the time I get back there’ll be a good base and then some! Perfect timing.

The second reason is that I have done my fair share of powder skiing, and there are more kinds of skiing out there to enjoy. It might sound smug or self-righteous, but having spent more than 6 months of my life skiing Japan, that’s what happens. Sure, powder is amazing and fun, but if it was powder I was after this season I wouldn’t have gone to the alps, I’d have gone to Japan. Or maybe Canada, but probably Japan. There I already know the powder holes, and could probably spend a whole season skiing nothing but. I also wouldn’t have any issues finding skiing partners, as I know people that visit regularly, both for full seasons and shorter trips.

This year, what I’m looking for is touring and to get into big mountains. That’s why I’ve gone to the alps (and will go to Norway later in the season). And when it’s snowing heavily there’s no way to get into big mountain terrain safely, you have to stick to the trees and mellower terrain. With the big snow fall coming right now in the alps, it’s perfect! The snow pack will have enough time to settle, and as soon as I get back I’ll hopefully just have to talk to the locals about snowpack conditions and the recent weather, slap my skins on, and be on my way. Though I’ll probably dig a few pits as well, for good measure.


*Sir Gallivant is my dear camper van, at the moment parked at an undisclosed location in the alps. Tuesday next week we’ll have our reunion and travel to Champoluc, Italy together for some touring and good skiing.

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