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Words – I haven’t really done this before

By 2017-01-12Uncategorized

Ok, so now it’s seriously time for my first blog entry. I haven’t really done anything like this before, so if I have to learn a lot about how to do this in an interesting and capturing way you’ll just have to excuse me in the mean time.

I haven’t really exactly figured out what I’ll use the blog for. For more daily updates and small windows into my everyday life I think that my Instagram is a more natural portal. The feeling I have right now is that my blog will be used for more deep and complicated reasoning I stumble across during my life. During the last two weeks I have actually had at least two occasions when it would have been refreshing for me to write in the blog about a specific subject I had been pondering on for some time. It is, however, something I feel has to be done in the moment, so I won’t write in any further detail about those occasions.

But yeah, anyway, I don’t think there’ll be many photos coming through this stream either. That’ll probably be communicated through my photography page as well as my Instagram. This will probably be mostly for words. But who knows? I haven’t really figured out how to do this, I’ll be happy as long as I can continue filling this page with content on at least a semi regular basis.

That’s probably everything at the moment. The web page itself is at this moment close to done as well, so it’ll go public really soon!

Peace out.

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